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With times being as tough as they are, finding the money to make a special Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart can be difficult.  Whether it is your loving spouse of 20 years or the new special someone in your life, giving them a Valentine’s Day to remember without looking cheap can be made simple by creating a romantic dining experience at home.  Here are a few ideas to create a romantic dining room for Valentine’s Day that will look like a million, but cost you virtually nothing!

Set The Scene!

Creating a romantic dining room can be accomplished with just a few simple elements.  Since it is Valentine’s Day, flowers are a must.  In addition to a beautiful arrangement for your sweetheart, a nice arrangement for the center of the table can really show you have put thought into the night.  A great way to cut costs is to go for something a little less pricey for the centerpiece, such as some red carnations.  Candles are also a must for Valentine’s Day and are a great and inexpensive way to set a romantic mood.  A few well-placed tapered and votive candles are all you really need, and choosing ones that are red, pink, and white will keep the table looking well put together.  Final touches should not be ignored.  A nice tablecloth, some cloth napkins, and maybe a few rose petals scattered on the table can create that finished romantic look!  Don’t forget to use real cutlery and your best plates and wine glasses, accompanied by some soft romantic music.

A Meal To Remember

Another important element to creating a romantic dining room for Valentine’s Day is having a delicious meal.  If you can’t cook yourself, getting takeout from a nice restaurant is always an option, but trying to create a meal yourself will no doubt be appreciated, as well as keep your budget in check. Something simple like a nice salad and pasta meal is inexpensive and easy to prepare.  Remember that it is the details that really show you care, so selecting fresh healthy ingredients, creating easy courses, and not forgetting dessert will win over even the most reluctant Valentine.

These ideas may seem simple, and that’s because they are.  It is the thought that counts, and putting effort into creating a beautiful meal in a special setting can create a romantic mood for a small amount of money!